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A successfully grown orchid!

I am the owner of 4 Seasons Garden Services, and I love being a gardener! Having spent many years as a hobby gardener, I had a ‘Reggie Perrin’ moment and went into business.

I bring with me over 20 years’ experience as a primary school teacher, which is relevant because it shows customers the kind of trustworthy, honest and reliable person I am.

I also run a Youtube channel giving advice on tropical plants (think ‘houseplants’), called Grow Up Man!

I’ve been carrying out garden work professionally since 2009  – which in itself is unusual. Many fall by the wayside long before this.

I think I’m unusual in this line of work in that I know the difference between a weed and an herbaceous perennial, and am able to advise on optimal pruning times, care of existing plants, best plants for various micro-climates and premium lawn care.

Over 70% of my existing clients are long-term been with me since the beginning.

Holding a Begonia in my ‘Hothouse’ ————>>>>

One of my most popular videos - click to watch!

I’m always staggered by the differences in gardens.

Whenever I give a quote, I send it by email so that clients can decide without pressure and compare if they want to. There are no ‘estimates’, only solid quotes that I stick to.

If you’re wanting a basic grass cut, I can usually accommodate you. But if you’re into a ‘luxury lawn’, and have the resources and patience to achieve it – that’s my speciality!

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