Full Lawn Renovation

A Typical Program for a Full Lawn Renovation

A full lawn renovation is for those tired, patchy lawns, full of thatch, moss and growing poorly.

Some people have this carried out up to twice a year, some just have parts of it done.

It consists of a number of steps depending on the situation but a typical program would look like this:

  1. Scalping the lawn down to a minimum
  2. Scarifying to remove moss, some weeds and possibly some deeper thatch
  3. Aeration through spiking, or ‘coring’ 
  4. Over-seeding the whole lawn
  5. Top-dressing
  6. Covering with fleece for 2-3 weeks
  7. Possibly applying a lawn product to encourage germination and strong growth

It can seem brutal at first, and the lawn initially looks awful – but after a few weeks the results can be incredible!

Then of course, it will need to be kept looking good with a comprehensive lawn care routine, otherwise you’ll very quickly be back where you started!

A heavily scarified lawn - but it'll be worth it!

Heavy scarification before re-seeding is vital as the seeds need to be in contact with the soil to germinate.